Terabyte of storage free on new file sync and share service

Last updated on: June 6, 2016, Author: R Sahota

New File Sync and Share offer from backup company that has a wide Midlands footprint through Managed Service Provider partners. Datto today announced the launch of Datto Drive, an inexpensive yet powerful file sync and share (FSS) service, intending to disrupt a highly commoditized market.

“Current file sync and share services are overpriced solutions for small businesses,” said Austin McChord, CEO and founder of Datto.  “Anyone who’s paying hundreds or thousands of pounds every month for FSS will immediately see Datto Drive as a welcome alternative.  Priced at just £10 per terabyte per month for an unlimited number of users in an organization, Datto Drive is just one of many ways we’re empowering our partners to help small businesses run more efficiently and cost effectively.  Better yet, we’re going to give away the first one million instances for Datto Drive for the first year for free.”

FSS is a critical service for small and midsized (SME) companies, but current FSS providers are struggling to deliver the service at a price SMEs are willing to pay.  The result is the widespread adoption of “freemium” consumer services that companies attempt to stitch together to avoid the high purchase price.  Datto is taking a different approach by leveraging the low cost basis of the company’s 200 petabyte (PB) private cloud, coupled with a global license agreement with ownCloud, the established open-source leader in the FSS industry.  The result is a significantly superior value proposition for Datto’s partners and their customers making Datto Drive dramatically more affordable than any other FSS offering in the market.

“Providing one million SMEs with an affordable File Sync and Share service will really shake this market up,” said Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director of Mirus IT Solutions. “In trials with our existing customers, they have welcomed the pricing, flexibility and features that Datto DRIVE offers. The one million SME target is also a novel and ambitious approach to bringing Datto MSP partners new business. There are 5.4 million SMEs in the UK, and we support Datto’s ambition to ensure that every small business works with an MSP to receive IT services in an increasingly complex IT environment. The Datto DRIVE free first year offer will introduce new clients to us, who may continue using the £10 per month offer from year two, consider the premium versions or adopt Datto’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery technologies. It really is a win-win situation for us all.”

“We believe Datto Drive will be a catalyst to bring together thousands of MSPs with millions of small companies,” said R. Brooks Borcherding, Chief Revenue Officer of Datto. “Datto is constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen the MSP community and enhance the value this essential ecosystem delivers to small and midsized businesses. Datto Drive not only delivers a unique opportunity for Datto partners, but by protecting data at the file level, also serves as a key component to Datto’s total data protection platform.”

According to Gartner “User demand is leading to enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) increasingly becoming a priority for organizations building a modern digital workplace. There is a growing awareness of, and pressure to use, EFSS capabilities in digital business initiatives to make employees, partners and even clients more productive and effective in their work. The growth of mobile clients, bring your own device (BYOD) programs and employee use of personal cloud storage services make EFSS an urgent priority for protecting information.”[1]

SMEs can sign up for Datto Drive and receive a year of free service.


[1] Gartner “Critical Capabilities for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing” by Jeffrey Mann, Charles Smulders, Monica Basso. October 29, 2015.

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