Space Data Centre opens in Nottingham

Last updated on: July 15, 2016, Author: R Sahota

Space Data Centres has opened its new £2 million data centre with a high-tech cluster of 2,500 servers in Nottingham.

Locked securely in cages in a specially-designed room, the servers can handle data from tens of thousands of customers.

Located in the Basford area, the tier 3 data centre is based within the office of affiliated companies, audio firm Phase International and Retroscents.

Gary Digva, who is sales director at each of the firms, said: “We were looking at investing into various businesses and the data centre industry seemed really interesting.

“Data is ever-growing – we’re never going to run out of data. It’s about building for the future and creating a stable business that will always be in high demand.

ITS-Techsparx-Ad“Everything has a shelf life unless it’s food or clothing – most things are in fashion today and gone tomorrow.

“The supply within Nottingham for high-quality data centres was low so we’ve been busy building a brand new infrastructure with the customer in mind.

“We’ve invested years of research into producing a data centre which can host high-density equipment and lower costs and with a flexible footprint, and we’re delighted to be able to create a number of new jobs to boost the local economy.”

The data centre has also been accredited with the ISO 27001 industry accreditation for information security, registered under the Data Protection Act and complies with the EU code of conduct for green data centres.

The centre will create 11 news jobs and features three power supply points, cold aisle containment, fire and VESDA (very early smoke detection apparatus) detection and suppression systems, 24-hour security and high-speed connectivity.

Mr Digva added: “Most companies are run on a rack of servers but if someone trips on a cable or cuts the wrong phone line, it stops everything and can cause massive problems.

“We say if you get rid of that and put it in our centre, it will have three points of power so if one goes down, it doesn’t make it an issue.

“People don’t delete things anymore. Many companies have to keep records for six years for legislation so every year demand is going to double.”


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