Birmingham’s hosts its first blockchain conference – Blockconf UK

Last updated on: April 5, 2017, Author: Editorial Team

Innovation Birmingham will host this year’s annual Blockconf UK event at the iCentrum building, in collaboration with regional blockchain technology investment club, Decrypto.

4/4/2017 UPDATE: Conference is being postponed till later this year, while organisers focus on finding sponsors.

Blockconf UK will bring together programmers and businesses from across the UK to inform people on the uses, possibilities and industry application of blockchain. Attendees will gain insight from the thoughts and experiences of the leaders who have driven the growth of what started as a small community and is now a £15 billion, world-changing industry.

The two-day event, taking place on 19th and 20th April, will feature businesses that are actively engaged with the Ethereum Project, a blockchain app platform which raised £18 million via Crowdsale and is now valued at £1 billion. The conference also features top speakers and blockchain start-ups from within the ecosystem including American business man and founder of computer software company McAfee Associates, John David McAfee. McAfee Associates achieved early success as the creators of the first commercial antivirus software, with the company now producing an entire line of enterprise security software.

Other notable speakers include; Bitnation Global Lead Ambassador, Erik Vollstadt, founder of Cashaa/Auxesis Group, Kumar Gaurav, who has been responsible for helping build some of today’s most exciting blockchain businesses and Neil Pennington, Advisory Board Member ID2020 Summit and leader in the Energy and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors.

Director of Media at Consensys and Founder of Ether Review, Arthur Falls, who has produced several popular blockchain-centric podcasts including Beyond Bitcoin and The Ether Review, will be hosting an ‘ether review’ which will be streamed live from the event across the globe.

Cliff Dennett, Head of Business Development at Innovation Birmingham, said: “We are delighted to be organising an event highlighting one of the most exciting internet developments since the World Wide Web. We look forward to collaborating with Decrypto to host this year’s event and to increasing awareness of Innovation Birmingham Campus as a hotspot for conferences on leading-edge subjects with world-class speakers.”

Regionally based blockchain technology investment club, Decrypto, is driving innovation in blockchain and digital assets by enabling companies to bring their products and services to the public domain through funding, education and events.

Samuel Lolley, Co-Founder at Decrypto, said: “I’m incredibly excited to be co-organising this event for Birmingham. Blockchain is an incredible phenomenon. Most people are unaware of its forthcoming impact on industry and society, an impact that will be at least on par with the birth of the internet. It’s all about bringing power back to the people through open source software. I’m so excited to be bringing some of the best people and businesses in blockchain to Birmingham.”

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