Braci secures half a million Danish investment

Last updated on: June 6, 2016, Author: R Sahota
Birmingham based technology company has secured £500,000 of funding from SEED Capital and Welfare Tech Invest in Denmark.
The company has developed technology that can assist those with hearing loss; it is capable of detecting a wide range of sounds which can be pushed as easily understood sensory and visual notifications through smart devices.

After receiving several investment offers, Braci decided to go with the SEED Capital/Welfare Tech Invest investment to strengthen the team and grow internationally using the knowledge, network and support of the investors.

Co-founder & chief executive officer Juma El-Awaisi said: “Today marks a very exciting milestone for Braci. Since our formation, we have worked hard to create this innovative and adaptable technology platform to assist those with hearing loss. This investment round will enable us to take our learnings and experience in the UK market to Europe through Denmark.

“We have an exciting product roadmap for the potential uses of our technology and are confident we can grow Braci into a multi-million-pound concern.”


Jim Duffy, founder and chief executive optimist at Entrepreneurial Spark said: “The team at Braci are a perfect example of entrepreneurs who embody the mindsets and behaviours of entrepreneurial leaders.

“They are determined, incredibly hard working and willing to go above and beyond to lead their business to success, and deserve a massive well done.

“Throughout the UK we have seen phenomenal achievements from our Chiclets of late, particularly those in the tech sector.

“Through our partnership with leading technology specialist EMC we hope to provide an even higher level of enablement and specialist training to our tech businesses, and can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish over the next six months.”

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