Brighthouse implements new VoiceSage SMS and mobile-based payments technology

Last updated on: September 13, 2016, Author: R Sahota
Fast-growing customer engagement firm VoiceSage has just announced that BrightHouse, a UK rent-to-own retailer, has introduced a new self-service mobile payments system to help customers make payments promptly and conveniently.BrightHouse has built this proactive customer service using the VoiceSage Visual Pay mobile payments solution in combination with personalised automated SMS in order to make it as convenient as possible for customers to make frequent and easy payments.Founded in 2003 and with offices in Birmingham and Ireland, VoiceSage delivers customer engagement technology for blue chip customers including Argos (Home Retail Group), Capital One, Thames Water, AXA Insurance and Shop Direct.

Customers are reminded an imminent payment is due, letting them do the rest via an SMS with a bespoke web link, pre-filled out with their individual, customer-specific details (e.g. name, payment amount, due date).

As a result, making a payment couldn’t be simpler as customers fill in their debit card details, allowing them to pay at a time that is convenient for them, and in a wholly secure way.

An important element of the project was speed to market, as BrightHouse needed to be up and running quickly and not be slowed down by a huge IT project. Through VoiceSage’s managed service and use of agile development techniques, the whole BrightHouse mobile payments solution was up and running in under six weeks.

Within eight weeks of deployment, no less than one in four in the BrightHouse target group for the service had switched to using mobile payments. “That shift exceeded our expectations,” said Alasdair Skeoch, BrightHouse Head of Credit Operations, who adds that ease of use is consistently cited as the biggest single attraction of the new system.

“There is always a chance with doing something different and new that customers may not warm to it, but in this instance, that didn’t happen: ‘easy way to pay,’ ‘idiot proof’ and ‘simple’ were standout elements of the positive feedback we received from our customers. It’s fair to say that we and our customers love it.

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do, which is why we partner with the best. VoiceSage enables BrightHouse to take our customer engagement to the next level – and having the best solution provider has been crucial in ensuring we always get the most from its chosen technology.”

Commenting on the project, VoiceSage’s Sales and Marketing Director Steve Robertson noted, “BrightHouse’s use of great proactive customer engagement solutions is a powerful role model for other retailers and credit organisations looking to deliver excellent customer service in a cost-efficient but competitive way.”


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