Capital One gives tech start ups boost

Last updated on: June 6, 2016, Author: R Sahota

Capital One, the Nottingham-headquartered credit card company, has launched Capital One Growth Labs for young firms and high-growth businesses. Working in partnership with corporate innovation specialist and tech investor L Marks, the initiative aims to discover innovate new companies and give them cutting-edge support to develop technologies for the financial sector.

Selected start-ups will be given the opportunity to rapidly accelerate product development at Capital One’s Trent House head office, in Station Street.

Programme leader Chris Owen said: “One of the key aims of the programme is to discover and partner with some of the most promising new technology start-ups and unlock the truly leading-edge and innovative ideas of tomorrow.

“Having early access to start-ups, and the products they build, will enable Capital One to continue expanding its technological capabilities, as well as maintain a strong view on the customer needs of tomorrow while at the same time turbo-boosting those businesses by giving them unrivalled support.”

Capital One has invited applications for six categories. They are unstructured data insight, security and fraud prevention, money management tools, enabling healthy financial habits, agent technologies and an open category.

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