Newcastle VR specialist granted Microsoft partner status

Luminous Group, a Newcastle-based 3D imaging and mixed reality technology company, has received a prestigious accreditation from Microsoft.

Newcastle Bridges

The company provides 3D mapping, virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies for a broad range of industrial applications – including in oil and gas, health and safety, training, food processing and warehouse management.

Luminous has joined Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Programme, acknowledging the developments the group has led in virtual reality and mixed reality technologies, particularly with Microsoft’s pioneering HoloLens headset.

Developments include the RIVO platform, which uses the tracking of the HoloLens headset combined with Luminous 3D mapping systems to draw up accurate information by placing 3D objects into real-world locations.

Ben Bennett, managing director and founder of Luminous Group, said: “Mixed reality has enormous growth potential in a wide range of commercial environments. We’re really excited to be at the forefront of it and working in partnership with Microsoft gives us the edge in helping realise that potential.

“The Microsoft partnership program is the greatest validation that we’re pushing our business in the right direction and in partnership with Microsoft we can start to push even more boundaries of possibility.”

Leila Martine, product director of commercial mixed reality at Microsoft, said: “We are delighted to have Luminous accredited as a Mixed Reality Partner. We are impressed with the Group’s vision for its RIVO platform, which we believe has ground-breaking and disruptive potential by providing mixed reality asset mapping tools across a variety of industries.”

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