SCC acquires HR and payroll specialist Pyramid

Last updated on: August 4, 2016, Author: R Sahota


IT group SCC has acquired Warwickshire software firm Pyramid.

SCC’s HR, payroll and data services division, called SCS, has acquired Kenilworth-based Pyramid, an independent software house staffed with HR and payroll professionals.

SCC is one of Europe’s largest independent technology services business, running IT infrastructure and services for over 2,500 public and private sector customers in more than 50 countries. It designs, codes, markets and supports a single database product which aims to address all aspects of personnel management.

The investment sees SCS take full ownership of Pyramid’s existing customer base, software intellectual property and ongoing support and expertise in the form of its development team.

The undisclosed deal represents the first time SCS has taken direct control of its HR and payroll services, having previously delivered them built upon the outgoing Unipay software.

Tim Markham, managing director of SCS, said: “The acquisition of Pyramid gives us a fresh, flexible and innovative solution to help grow the future of that business.

“We have delivered continual high levels of service over some 40 years, so it is important we continue to invest to ensure its growth and success.

“Pyramid offers SCS an up-to-date, highly functional HR payroll solution to market, develop & sell.”

Earlier this year, SCC announced the opening of an Vietnam office.

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