Silwood Technology launches SAP Starter Pack for GDPR

Last updated on: November 8, 2017, Author: Editorial Team

Silwood Technology Ltd, a supplier of enterprise application metadata intelligence software, has launched a new SAP Starter Pack that gives users of this widely implemented ERP a valuable kick-start in identifying the precise location of Personal Data fields in any SAP system; a critical starting point for any GDPR strategy.

Underpinned by Silwood’s software-based solution, Safyr®, a dedicated metadata discovery software product, which enables users to access, understand, share and utilise the underlying data structures for SAP applications, the Starter Pack for SAP takes the hard work out of finding personal data in a SAP ERP system for the upcoming GDPR. This ‘discovery’ process is one that many organisations still find challenging, but Silwood’s Starter Pack effectively resolves.

Research conducted by the UK & Ireland SAP User Group shows 86% of SAP users do not fully understand how GDPR will affect their SAP landscapes and how to reach compliance. To simplify the ‘discovery’ process, Silwood Technology is announcing the first in a series of ‘Starter Packs’ for ERP/CRM packages, with the first for SAP, the largest system in terms of the sheer volume of metadata that defines the package data.

The scope and range of potential personal information in SAP is very broad. Silwood has made the process of finding these ‘Personal Data’ fields significantly easier by developing processes to seek them out, record them and make them available in a useful form. Customers who use Silwood’s Safyr application for SAP can receive the Starter Pack free of charge.

The Starter Pack comprises a set of Safyr Subject Areas that describe and identify each type of personal information, such as zip codes, dates of birth, license plates. A Safyr Subject Area is a grouping of tables and fields that a customer can overlay on the metadata extracted from their own customised SAP system so they can easily see which tables and fields are important to GDPR.

What constitutes personal data will vary by industry – the Safyr user can combine these Subject Areas into other groups that form the consolidated set of fields for their company and requirements. And they can add in their own fields too – especially where their SAP system has been customised.

One of the major benefits of these Starter Packs is that they will work with the customer’s own system. Silwood will be releasing similar Starter Packs for the other packages in the near future and, for anyone interested in learning more about finding Personal Data for GDPR in your ERP/CRM system, the company is hosting a webinar on Wednesday 29th November at 4 pm GMT:

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