Elitetele.com aquires Comms Supply

Last updated on: May 3, 2017, Author: Editorial Team

Unified communications provider Elitetele.com has purchased business communications service provider Comms Supply. The deal is Elitetele.com’s thirteenth acquisition since 2008 and brings the Norwich-based firm out of liquidation, with all of its employees joining Elitetele.com.

Comms Supply offers mobiles, phone lines and systems, internet connectivity, cloud-based PBX and disaster recovery services. Earlier this year, it was awarded ‘Specialist Partner’ status by Vodafone.

It will continue to provide its customers with the same service and be supported by the same people, but they will now have access to Elitetele.com’s portfolio of products and services, operating under its brand.

“Karl Alderton, the company’s MD, approached me as one entrepreneur to another via Instagram to ask for help,” said Elitetele.com founder and CEO Matt Newing (pictured).

“I recognised his passion for the sector and empathised with his challenge of trying to maintain sales growth while being distracted by the requirements of being a managing director and the wider work-load that brings.

Growing business

“By buying Comms Supply we are giving Karl the opportunity to grow his business with the support of our wider team. He’s created a great reputation for the business working with the IT Channel to deliver connectivity and telecoms in conjunction with wider IT solutions.

“With us Karl will be able to ensure their clients have a highly skilled, committed customer service team to provide full back-up and support when they need them. We are continually looking to improve our IT services and I know Karl and his team will bring fresh ideas and energy to what we are doing.”

Elitetele.com employs over 150 staff located across six offices in London, Chorley, Stoke, Derby, Lancaster and Madrid.

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