Mayor backs govt proposal for West Mids tech innovation

Last updated on: January 3, 2018, Author: Editorial Team

West Midlands’ Mayor Andy Street has backed a series of proposals that the Government that will boost innovation and technology industries across the region, including creating a new tech hub in Birmingham and digital technology investment.

The proposal will see the number of tech visas being offered to UK businesses double, while a £2m pilot scheme will be introduced to provide high-speed broadband across Coventry and Warwickshire.

Andy Street said: “Traditionally, we talked about digital and technology as a standalone sector within the economy. Now, it’s the golden thread which runs through all of our sectors, from manufacturing to life sciences. This is how our region will lead the world in the development of connected and autonomous vehicles, changing the way people connect and at the same time combating both congestion and air pollution.”

Nationally, the series of proposals has also offered new investment of £21m to expand Tech City UK into a nationwide network called Tech Nation and this expansion is set to accelerate the growth of the digital tech sector across the country.

“In terms of the national measures, I am really excited about the Tech Nation funding,” the Mayor commented, “which will see a hub created in Birmingham with the expectation that in the UK some 40,000 entrepreneurs and 4,000 start-ups will be supported, and the £20m fund to help public services take advantage of UK expertise links to the WMCA’s”.

The UK Government currently offers around 2,000 tech visas to the leading talent from around the world, including digital technology.

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