Midlands MSPs to roll out Datto’s SIRIS 3 to protect and restore business data

Last updated on: June 25, 2016, Author: R Sahota

Datto reveals new SIRIS 3 platform, rich Device Management Portal, new Infinite Cloud Retention and the SIRIS 3 X1 flash offering. Midlands’ MSPs including Peterborough’s Complete I.T. will be selling Datto’s next generation of products and services designed to protect and restore business data.

SIRIS_X1_3_QuarterThe enhancements support Datto’s ongoing commitment to Total Data Protection, ensuring business data is secure and accessible – no matter where it lives.

The new SIRIS 3 platform, released with the most comprehensive enhancements to the SIRIS solution ever. Datto also introduced a new addition to the SIRIS line, the SIRIS 3 X1, the first all-flash backup appliance. Additionally, significant enhancements were announced to the Datto Device Management Portal, providing Datto’s partners with a range of new capabilities to more effectively manage large device fleets, as well as the release of Infinite Cloud Retention, a new service offering that stores business data for life. With the new releases, Datto delivers superior flexibility, performance, and value, enabling Datto partners to more efficiently protect their clients’ business data anywhere and on any device.

Colin Blumenthal, from Datto partner Complete I.T. commented: “Datto is a company that listens to its partners and responds to their needs: everything that has been announced today is a reflection of that. The X1 and Mac Agent – which is a world-first – allows us to be even more competitive, and protect even more businesses. Plus, Infinite Cloud Retention means we can deliver better value for money. It’s a win-win.”

Key product highlights include:

SIRIS 3: Datto’s flagship SIRIS platform continues to enhance and unify the capabilities of Datto’s market leading data backup, recovery and business continuity solutions. Datto partners can now deploy SIRIS in their preferred method including the new SIRIS 3 high performance appliances tailored to the specific requirements of the SIRIS solution, the SIRIS 3 Virtual service which can be deployed across a wide range of leading hypervisors, and the new SIRIS 3 Imaged service (previously GENISIS), a conversion tool that instantly turns non-Datto BDR devices and other servers into a SIRIS appliance. The SIRIS 3 software comes standard with the purchase of any new SIRIS 3 service effective immediately, and will be available as a free upgrade for all SIRIS 2 appliances shortly.

The extensive SIRIS 3 platform enhancements include agentless backups for systems running VMWare hypervisors, new agent technology to support both Linux and Apple Mac endpoints, Diskless restores, the addition of rich NAS and iSCSI support, hybrid virtualization (previously only available on the Datto ALTO), and Linux backup screenshot verification. Datto’s SIRIS 3 appliances come with 10 gigabit ethernet interfaces and the latest generation of Intel XEON CPUs for increased performance as well as IPMI across the entire range. In addition, Datto is upgrading SIRIS 3 to Ubuntu OS 16.04 and to the KVM hypervisor, another industry first, which brings both performance and security enhancements.

SIRIS 3 X1: The SIRIS 3 X1 is the industry’s first all-flash business continuity solution. It comes in a very powerful yet small form factor and supports all the advanced SIRIS 3 functionality. The X1, with a 1TB solid state drive and 16 gigabytes of RAM, can perform local virtualisation directly on the appliance. And the X1 incorporates the new NAS shares, iSCSI Boot, Linux and Mac agent support, and even the Infinite Cloud Retention long term storage offering.

Infinite Cloud Retention: Datto is also unveiling a new pricing model for partners regarding their cloud storage needs. With Infinite Cloud Retention (ICR), Datto partners can now store backup data forever in Datto’s cloud. This new capability, available for both SIRIS and ALTO, provides Datto Partners with a unique value proposition for their customers to guarantee they will always have access to the data they need when they need it.

“Service providers need to adapt to stay competitive,” said Austin McChord, CEO and founder of Datto. “With the SIRIS 3 platform, the new SIRIS 3 X1 appliance, and our Infinite Cloud Retention offerings, our partners can support both newer IT infrastructure and legacy systems, greatly expanding their opportunities and delivering on our commitment to business continuity.”

With thousands of MSPs now providing Datto solutions to their businesses, DattoCon has grown into a must-attend event for the MSP industry. In addition to the product news, McChord discussed the rapid growth Datto is experiencing for its file sync and share solution, Datto Drive, with thousands of account signups since the recent launch in May, 2016. Datto is giving the first 1 million companies to sign up for Datto Drive a free one-year subscription that includes 1TB of secure cloud storage for unlimited users.

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