Team of twenty at Mira’s new vehicle technology hub

Last updated on: May 4, 2017, Author: Editorial Team

An initial team of up to 20 academic staff and doctoral research students from Coventry university will work alongside HORIBA MIRA engineering teams on projects in a new automotive research centre that will explore intelligent connected vehicle technology.

The company and Coventry University will develop and test new technologies to address future transport needs from the hub on MIRA Technology Park.

Dr George Gillespie, chief executive of HORIBA MIRA, said: “The new centre will provide a hub for rapidly expanding the scope of the engineering and test services we offer our clients within connected autonomous vehicles (CAV), and an environment where we can learn with our clients to ensure these new services are tailored to their needs in this fast-evolving technology area.

“The launch of this facility reiterates HORIBA MIRA’s commitment to transforming our business to meet the challenges and opportunities provided by the rapid growth of CAV.”

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