Midlands mobile app consultancy is commended in marketing tech award

Last updated on: October 3, 2016, Author: R Sahota


Warwick’s RNF Digital Innovation was Highly Commended in Best Mobile Innovation Award category at the Marketing New Thinking Awards 2016 .

The accolade was awarded for the firm’s bespoke campaign management tool for Bestway Wholesale. The campaign management platform – BEAM – delivers content triggered by user behaviour, geofences or iBeacons to help increase footfall or transactions made on the existing Bestway mobile app that RNF had previously built for them.

BEAM enables Bestway to tailor messages to customers based on behaviour and location and in doing so increase their impact.

The deployment of iBeacons in Bestway’s 60 depots was the largest of its kind in the UK and has successfully demonstrated just how powerful this new technology can be in combination with the right app and campaign management tool.

Since its launch in May 2015, the app has been downloaded over 18,000 times, and with over 4 million interactions, the net sales from the app are now nearly £4 million per month an increase of 100% versus previous year.

Rob Mannion, Managing Director of RNF Digital Innovation said “We’re really proud to have received this nomination and to have got Highly Commended alongside McDonald’s. It gives the team the recognition they deserve for all the hard work that went into building the platform and the app before that. Plus it demonstrates how intelligently designed apps combined with the right new technology can deliver tangible results and an impressive ROI.”

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